Embracing the Holiday Spirit All Year Long

Consider asking your children, “What is a small thing you could do to help someone else?”  You can brainstorm together or let them sit with the question for a while and see what they come up with.  If they need some ideas, you could bring to their attention to the fact that some people in the world do not have enough to eat.  Maybe they would like to brainstorm a contribution your family could make to address that need. People to consider helping might be elderly neighbors, siblings, grandparents, even pets. Helping can be as simple as sending a kind note or baking something. Even telling someone a joke and giving someone a smile on their face is helping.

The question above was originally part of the Bear’s First Christmas children’s book recommendation and related specifically to what your family could do around the holiday season. But, embracing the holiday spirit certainly doesn’t have to be something that happens only once a year. Make helping others in small ways a year-round event!


Even a hug can help Photo by Caroline Colvin

Even a hug can help
Photo by Caroline Colvin



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    I appreciate how emotionally and physically exhausting coming up with activities for children can be. These activities more often follow some general guidelines rather than “paste here, color here” directions. They embrace asking children questions and having them discover answers for themselves.

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