Dinner Question

If you could have any superhero power, what would it be?  Why?

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  • Dinner Question Overview

    I believe that children hold wisdom beyond their years, that is often only tapped into when they're directly asked a question. I also believe that an important tradition families can have is a daily sit-down meal together. These two beliefs are the motivation behind the “The Dinner Question”. Often times, parents try to engage their children at dinner by asking them, “How was your day at school?” To which the reply is almost always, “Fine.” A few more questions of the same nature usually leads to a dead end as well.

    A different kind of question though might be just the ticket to getting the conversation flowing, for that half hour in the day when you commit to gathering together. A question that is simple, yet can have all sorts of fun and interesting answers. Be prepared to “show your cards first” (i.e., getting the conversation going means you might have to share first). Also be prepared that they’ll say it’s lame or silly, but then light up when they are sharing their answers. Be prepared for the answers to lead to something that your children might want to talk about, but weren’t quite sure how to bring up.

    As they open up and talk, this will also be a great chance for you to model attentive listening skills. The kind where you don’t jump in with a story of your own but instead spend most of the conversation reflecting back what you’ve heard, asking more questions when appropriate.

    Remember too that these questions aren’t just for kids. It could easily be something you do with your significant other, to reconnect after a long day (you might even learn something new about one another!), or over lunch with a friend or coworker you want to know a bit better. What people need most to trigger a thoughtful conversation is a fresh starting point, and where they take it from there is anybody’s guess!

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