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Mental Showdowns: Arguments In Your Head

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Do you ever argue with people…in your head? Some of these “mental showdowns” are with perfect strangers you haven’t even spoken to yet. For example, you receive a cell phone bill with an outrageous charge or your insurance company didn’t cover the amount you expected. There’s often an anticipation that they will give you a…

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Our Ever Evolving Christmas Story


Our Ever Evolving Christmas Story It was four days before Christmas and we still didn’t have a tree.  It was almost to the point of forgetting the whole thing, but, “The Children! The Children!”  Keep in mind though that the children celebrating that year in our house were all under the age of two and…

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  • Present Senses’ Essays

    Present Senses’ essays contain my thoughts and opinions about how I have found ways to live in the present moment more often than before. While many have written on this subject for thousands of years in thousands of different ways, my hope is that the everyday conversational language about everyday experiences will offer something unique- especially for those with children at home- to consider and possibly relate to their own lives.

    From my earliest memories onward, if I was seeking out an answer to a question, there was inevitably an explanation out there that clicked with me. If you’re looking for an answer on how to live a more stress-free and peaceful life, I truly hope these essays click with you. And even if they don’t click, I would encourage you to keep on searching for an explanation of living a more present life that works for you. There’s a reason people have been striving to live in the moment for hundreds of years- it brings peace to your life.

    To better access what I’ve written, the essays are divided up into various categories- categories that seemed to create themselves the more I wrote. "The Basics" is a good place to start and then hop around and see what else you discover.