Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

It seems that society on the whole views living in the present moment as something that is an afterthought or bonus to have in life, much like a “P.S.” on the end of the letter. Living in the present moment doesn’t have to be something you tack on, it can be the whole letter of your life.

The letter of your life is going to be filled with both good and bad experiences; being in the present moment does not change that. The more you live your life in the present moment though, the more the bad experiences will result in a feeling of acceptance and moving on from that experience. And the more you embody moving on from “bad” experiences, the more the “bad” starts to not be all that “bad”. It’s actually an opportunity to teach yourself how capable you are to live in the present moment.

It’s a simple philosophy. It seems complicated, but it’s really not. Present Senses aims to treat living in the present moment as more than an afterthought by helping others find simple ways to be there as much as possible. Staying in the present moment can be challenging at times. So, let’s do this together and figure it out. If you instantly forgive me for accidentally cutting you off, I’m going to be more likely to instantly forgive the next person who just royally irritated me too. Often times, that is the person in the car with us, a person we love and care for deeply.

And when that love was new and fresh, a first love letter to that person might have said,  “P.S. I Love You.”  That’s what the whole letter was really about, but the person wasn’t sure how to just come out and say it. Our Pastor pointed out in his wedding homily to us that my husband and I danced around our “I Love You” statement for a while, despite us both feeling it deeply. Because coming right out and declaring something can be scary, even when you feel passionately about it.

Well, this time I’m coming out and saying what I think: Living life in the present moment will ultimately bring you more peace than anything else.